You can choose our popular 3 dishes menu that the kitchen chef suggests for 299,00 kr.
Or maybe you would like to try our All-you-can-eat menu consisting of roast beef, baked potato with butter and a big salad bar for 179,00 kr.?
Or maybe you would just like a big and juicy 300-gram tenderloin steak with a homemade béarnaise?


You can always make your own menu choosing from various appetizers, juicy steaks and a dessert for the sweet finish.
There’s many different options and if you have any questions just ask and we will gladly help you!

Lunch menu

Lunch steak 135,00 kr
200 gr. steak fillet de Beuf with baked potato, a mixed salad bar and sauce of the day

Or free choice from the dishes below for just 89,00 kr


pan-fried filet of plaice with homemade remoulade.
Caesar salad
with chicken and bacon
Parisian hamburger
(slightly fried minced meat)
 served on toast with classic accompaniments

Tagliatelle with thinly sliced sirloin, red onions and tomatoes prepared in cream sauce and topped with shredded Parmesan.
Club sandwich
with grilled chicken breast, bacon, crispy salad and homemade curry dressing
Hereford burger
200gr. minced meat in classic burger bun with salad, tomato, onion, cucumber, served with fries/chips and mayonnaise, cheese and bacon
Roast beef
a roast of beef sirloin with baked potato and sauce of the day.
Salad bar
as a main dish 89,00 kr
as a side dish to the lunch 22,00 kr



Shrimp cocktail
with Thousand Island dressing 79,00 kr.
made with garlic butter 75,00 kr.
Soup of the day
changes with the season - ask the waiter 75,00 kr.
thinly sliced tenderloin with herbal dressing, rochet salad, olives and fresh Parmesan cheese 105,00 kr.
Tiger shrimps
skewwer with tiger shrimps, served with mango salsa, herb oil and salad 89,00 kr.
Cold smoked salmon
with homemade vegetable pickles and cream of horseradish 95,00 kr.


Childrens Menu

Minced meet beef and dessert (under 12 years old)
served with french fries amd ice cream for the dessert 109,00 kr.
Children ice-cream
served with chocolate sauce 42,00 kr


Main dishes

Roast beef
Eat as much as you can only 179,00 kr.
Roast beef sirloin with baked potato, sauce of the day and big salad bar

Tenderloin steak
A very tender and thick cut steak without tendons and with very little fat marbling
– approx. 140 gr.- 185,00
– approx. 200 gr.- 219,00
– approx. 300 gr.- 265,00

Beef filet steak
A bit of fat marbling and fat edge gives the steak good and strong beef flavor
– approx. 200 gr.- 199,00
– approx. 300 gr.- 215,00

Ribeye steak
The powerful fat marbling makes a tender and juicy steak
– approx. 250 gr. –199,00

T-Bone steak
Tenderloin and filet on each side of the leg bone – perfect for the steak lovers
– approx. 500 gr. – 249,00

Minced meat beef
Crisp and juicy steak of finely ground beef
– approx. 180 gr. – 135,00

Hereford Burger
Crisp and juicy finely ground beef in the sesame bun
– 148,00

Grilled salmon
finely grilled salmon served with a piece of lemon
– 179,00

Vegetarian steak
Vegetarian steak that is made of the vegetables according to the season
– 159,00

Grilled rack of lamb
finely grilled lamb served with potato of your choice and grilled vegetables
– 179,00

Grilled BBQ spareribs
grilled rack of BBQ ribs served with coleslaw and potato of your choosing
– 179,00

Grilled cockerel
grilled young rooster breast served with grilled veggies and potato
– 159,00

Vegan Plate
Varies by the season - ask the waiter
– 179,00

Salad Bar
Various salads and fruits and vegetables of the season
as a side dish– 39,00
as a main dish – 89,00

Homemade béarnaise – 20,00
Sauce of the day (ask waiter) – 10,00

All the main dishes are served with:

Bread and butter
Baked potato with butter or baked potato with filling or French fries
Parsley or garlic butter



Crème Brule – 75,00 kr
– classic vanilla crème brule
Ice cream with marinated fruit – 65,00 kr
– 3 scoops of different ice cream with marinated fruit and chocolate sauce
Cheesecake – 75,00 kr
– Cheesecake with raspberrycoulis
Dessert of the day – 65,00 kr
– ask the waiter
Homemade chocolate mousse – 79,00 kr
– made from dark chocolate and served with caramelized almond flan and citrus salad
Cheese – 75,00 kr
– fried camembert with blackcurrant jam